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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's superstate!

superstate is a micro state management library for JavaScript apps that is compact enough for prototypes and scales well as your project grows.

  Simple, sleek & elegant API
🤯  Mindlessly easy to share state across your entire app
📐  Designed with ergonomy and developer wellness in mind
🧩  Fully extensible
📝  Built-in Drafts system
⌨️  Proudly written in TypeScript
⚛️  Deadly simple integration with React apps
🌐  Works in the browser or in Node environments


It takes no more than 1 minute to get started with superstate.

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Quick start

Get your hands dirty and create your very first superstate.

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Todo App

See what a Todo App with superstate looks like. No more than 5 minutes.

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API Reference

Explore all superstate has to offer in a comprehensive API reference.

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